We are an aggressive and productive firm of Public Insurance Adjusters and Insurance Loss Consultants with over 54 years of experience and would like to extend you some information relative to our firm and the advantages to using a Public Adjuster / Loss Consultant for your review and consideration should the need for our services arise.

How does the APPRAISAL PROCESS work?

This process resolves the "Amount of Loss" in a timely and binding manner. Mediation, which is recommended by the insurance company, is not binding, therefore either party may cease this process at any time. If mediation is not successful, your only options are to accept or negotiate the dispute(s) with the insurance company, move your claim into Appraisal/Arbitration or begin the process of a long legal action.

The Appraisal/Arbitration process is timely and three experienced competent individuals perform it. (Two Appraisers and One Umpire) Each party will select its own Appraiser/Arbitrator within a specific time frame. Both representatives once appointed will attempt to agree and appoint the neutral umpire. If both Appraisers/Arbitrators cannot agree within the time frame allocated, either party may request the local court to appoint the umpire. At this point you have a three-person panel. The two appointed representatives will attempt to resolve the issues without the umpire's involvement, however if an agreement is not reached either party may request the umpire's involvement. Upon the umpire's inspection of damages and/or review of each party's evaluation of the "Amount of Loss" and the overall situation, a determination or agreement by two of the three individuals sets the "Amount of Loss". The parties execute an "Awards" document and the process is completed.

Each party pays its own representative and the umpire's fees are split in half and paid by each party. Expenses needed for legal assistance to compel the insurance company to appraise or the petitioning of the local court for the appointment of an umpire will be incurred directly by the policyholder(s).


As your representative, I will inspect the damages, review all relevant documents in order to prepare an assessment of your damages. I will prepare an independent evaluation of the "Amount of Loss" in its proper form so that if needed the umpire will be able to easily interpret the situation.


 To date, I have handled over 1800 insurance claims and over 1800 formal or informal appraisals/arbitration's in the last 34 years. I have also worked in the insurance claims industry since 1980 and have been a licensed insurance adjuster since 1981. My experience steams from handling countless claims on behalf of the insurance companies and policyholders, which include noncatastrophe and catastrophe claims. (Windstorm, Flood, Fire, Water, Vandalism, Sinkhole, Blasting, Mold and other causes of damage)

My insurance experience with the handling of real property claims, the negotiations of settlements and the assessment of damages allows me to prepare and present the best possible package to the insurance carrier's representative and/or the umpire.


Juan Carlos Cartaya (JC), President of Cartaya Insurance Appraiser, Inc.  


A decisive, persistent and experienced leader in the insurance claims field in all facets from first party claims, informal binding appraisals dealing with disputes in the amount of loss to impartial umpiring in the determination and the issuing of rulings in order to conclude alternative litigation processes.  



  • Prior to entering the insurance industry several years of direct field involvemen in actual construction dealing with residential and commercial structures.


  • Numerous years of resolving first and third party claims as an independent adjuster for various insurance carriers reaching the status of a Senior Adjuster.


  • Preparing and negotiating first party claims for the policyholder from start to finish against their insurance company.


  • Trouble Shooter, Appraiser and Umpire in determining Amounts of Loss in an a binding process for the policyholder as well as the insurance carrier.  




  • Miami Dade College


  • Numerous Seminars and Continued Education Programs Dealing with: Insurance Claims, Arbitration’s, Negotiations and Claims Handling Technique)





  • On hand training with actual construction dealing with the building, repairing and alterations of single family homes, multifamily homes and commercial                       structures.     (1975 to 1980)


  • Independent Claims Adjuster for Various Insurance Companies.   (1980 to 1992)


  • Loss Consultant for Various Individuals and Corporate Policyholders.  (1992 to Present)


  • Appraiser, Umpire and Loss Consultant      (1994 to Present)


  • Over, 2,000 Adjustment Files Handled to date.

  • Over, 2,400 Appraisal Files Handled to date.   



  • Class 03-20 All Lines Self Appointed Independent Public Adjuster  



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